Thursday, July 9, 2009

TTouch - Ear Strokes

Hi folks, I was trying to describe to someone how to do the slides or strokes on the ear that we do in TTouch, and decided that a little film clip would be an easier way to explain! This is a little funky, as I was holding the camera as well as stroking the ears of my cat Garbanzo at the same time. I am stroking from the base of the head out to the tip. On a cat you can often do this on both ears simultaneously. On a dog, this touch works best if you put the other hand under the jaw to support the head. Be sure to stroke all the way out to the tip.

Doing TTouch on the ears is a lovely thing to do for your animal (or on yourself), as there are acupressure points on the ear which involve respiration, digestion and circulation. It can also help an animal or person in an emergency situation who is in danger of going into shock.

Also, especially with a cat, start out doing this using a very light pressure and adjusting depending on what the animal responds best to. Garbanzo happens to like a firmer stroke than many cats, but I have been doing this for quite a while on him. Another method which is wonderful which Linda Tellington showed us is to first do a small circle with the thumb and then slide it out to the end of the ear. Doing raccoon touches (small circle and a quarter using the tip of the finger) around the base of the ear is also very soothing to an animal.

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