Thursday, July 9, 2009

Santa Fe Training, Danelle and Amber

Above: Danelle and Amber

Above: Danelle and Wanda
Danelle and Amber (top picture) come from Albequerque and were in our Santa Fe TTouch training led by Kathy Cascade. As you can see, Danelle and Amber are both lovely ladies :)
Amber can get fearful and reactive when faced with other dogs, and can become anxious when separated from her mom Danelle. During the course of the training, through wraps, body work and confidence course work that Danelle, Kathy Cascade and others did with her, she made progress and here is what Danelle had to say when I asked her about her thoughts about the training and Amber:
"I believe that Amber is a little less "reactive" when we meet other dogs on our walks. I still reacts in kind when we walk by a fenced in yard that has a dog or dogs going berzerk. " She says she does TTouch on her every morning and a body wrap for 10 minutes/day and fully expects that in time her behavior will reflect the greater degree of self-confidence and less reactivity that she saw happen with some of the other dogs in the training.
Ttouch work can require persistence and patience, and I'm sure that Danelle and Amber are on a very positive road together.

The bottom picture shows Danelle with a darling dog named Wanda, who I also worked on when we visited the shelter in Santa Fe. Danelle said she thought she connected so strongly w/Wanda probably because she looks like a young Amber.

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