Monday, July 6, 2009

Santa Fe TTouch Training: Jennifer and Booba

Above you see Kathy Cascade (left) with Jennifer (right) and her dog Booba. Booba has a wrap (Ace bandage) on her, which was very helpful to bring down her stress level.

Booba finally hit the doggie jackpot when Jennifer adopted her from a shelter, where she had been for a way-too-long period of time. It is often hard for pit bulls and pit bull mixes to get adopted, especially when they are extremely fearful, as is Booba.

Jennifer had already done a lot of patient and positive work with Booba, but Booba was able to make progress up to another level during the training. In the beginning, it was very difficult for her to be anywhere near other people or dogs. By the end of the training, she was able to lie on the floor looking quite relaxed with her head towards the center of the circle at times, and I was able to sit quite close to her without her being afraid.

Kathy worked with Jennifer and Booba in the TTouch training in Santa Fe in a very thoughtful, respectful, clear and caring way. The homing pigeon used quite a lot. This is the configuration shown above using two leashes. It is especially helpful with fearful dogs as it is a way they can become used to someone other than their owner walking with them.

A full wrap was used on Booba. Below, you see Jennifer walking with Booba, who is wearing a full wrap, which adds a wrap around the back end of the dog in addition to the half wrap.

Jennifer, Kathy and Booba did a lot of work together on the confidence course. Other people and dogs in the class were careful to be mindful and give Booba the space that she needed in order to feel safe.
I really appreciate the patient way Kathy chose to work with Jennifer and Booba, and I give Jennifer so much credit for giving Booba such a loving, safe home and admire her dedication to helping Booba achieve as much comfort as possible in the world. Thanks Jennifer, Kathy and Booba for teaching us so much about the power of patience and kindness.

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