Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adoption News and TTouch at Social Tees

Yesterday I went to Social Tees ( to do TTouch, and was happy to hear that the little Chihuahua who was pictured in a recent post was adopted, I'm sure he's being a great little pal to his new person/people.

I first worked on the swirly-striped cat, who still does one hiss when I open the cage, but does not continue once I touch her. She is still shy, wanting to stay at the back of the cage but is quite relaxed with me doing TTouch on her head and body.

I worked again on the two kittens, they are still scared when I first touch them but becoming more comfortable as I continue doing TTouch on them. I am finding that doing circles on them with a feather is a good way to start. I got one of the little cuties to play with the feather a bit and I thought that was a good sign. Also, a beautiful, friendly Russian blue who is in the cage next to them was purring up a storm, trying to get my attention while I was working on the kittens. He seemed to relax as I worked on the kittens, first eating some of his food and then settling down for a nap. After doing circles on the kittens with the feather, I did some very light TTouch on their ears and some baby chimp touches on their body. As they are still quite timid and sensitive, I used a very light touch and spoke to them softly as I worked. The atmosphere was nice and quiet yesterday, and the TTouch seemed to add another layer of calm.

An endearing thing that happened while I was there was that a huge cat who is in the window there gave a little cat a hug, AWWWWW!

I was also asked to do TTouch on three kittens in another cage. Two of these kittens I had worked on previously - they were the black & white kittens who were the more scared ones from 2 sets of 3 kittens I had worked on -- and there was also a little tabby kitten in with them. The fluffy b/w one was scrunched in the back of the cage behind the litter box, the shorthaired b/w one was lying in the litter box and the tabby was scrunched in there somewhere as well. I first did TTouch on the shorthaired b/w cat, and was surprised and pleased to feel it doing a little silent purrrrrr shortly after I began to do TTouch on its head and then its body. At one point it stretched and rolled over on its side, and then its back. Next, I did TTouch on the little tabby kitten, which seemed skittish and shy at first, but once I did a few ear strokes and a little TTouch on its body, it realized that this was something it liked and it began to rub itself against me, wanting me to do more. It also started eating its food with gusto. It is amazing to see how some of these kittens can turn around right away, it really touches my heart! The fluffy b/w kitten was a bit hard to reach but I did do some TTouch on it, mostly on its head. It did one hiss but then when I touched it, it stopped hissing. After I finished and closed the cage, the fluffy b/w kitten came forth from its scrunched position into the front of the cage and began to drink some water. Hooray!

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