Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brooklyn and Pals at Whiskers

Above: Brooklyn (b/w cat) and Emily (upper left)

Yesterday I went back to Whiskers Holistic Petcare (, and Brooklyn, Emily and Rascal are still there and up for adoption. I was greeted with a lovely surprise - Brooklyn was down in the lower level and looked right at me with friendly blinks when I entered the enclosure. I was able to do some TTouch on his head and ears right away, instead of having to approach indirectly with the wand. It was a short little burst, but he was quite receptive. After working on Brooklyn briefly, he went back to an upper perch as Emily and Rascal came running down from above.

Above: Emily

Below: Rascal

Both Emily and Rascal were substantially calmer than last time, and were even more comfortable with me than last time. Rascal sat on my lap for a while and Emily was right next to me. They both wanted TTouch and so I worked on them simultaneously for a bit and then alternated back and forth between them, working on their ears, doing clouded leopard down their backs, some strokes down their legs and even some mouth work on Rascal. Last time I saw them they were both friendly, but a bit hyperactive but this time they really settled in for some TTouch. After a while Emily went back to an upper perch and Rascal remained with me and followed me for the rest of the time I was there. I enticed Brooklyn with a few bits of kibble to come within my reach and did a bit more work on his head. Then I went back to Rascal and workd on him more with abalone and clouded leopard touches. He was quire relaxed as you can see below, with his front legs draped over a perch as I worked with him. Quite a few customers noticed the cats collected around me in Whiskers' window - and I hope one of them will give these cats a new home soon!
Below: Rascal hanging out on his perch.

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