Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Week at Social Tees

Hi folks. Above is one of the feral cats which is loose at Social Tees (, it is a very charming being!
And below is a big grey fellow who is very dear, and constantly wants attention. He is soft, gorgeous and friendly and asking to be adopted - he can't wait to cuddle with someone. I do TTouch on him each day and he is always impatient for me to touch him.

Below is a new little tabby who was scared in the back of his cage when I began to work on him. He was not aggressive at all, just scared. So I started out with touches with the back of the hand - llama touch and chimp touch, and Noah's march with the back of my hand. Before too long, he was rubbing his body against my hand and asking for more, and I was able also to do some ear strokes and touches on his head. The more I worked on him, the more confident he became, coming more towards the front of the cage. Maybe because I always have a special place in my heart for tabby cats, they usually seem particularly drawn to me. This little charmer will find a place in someone's heart and a new home soon, I'm sure.

The lovely striped cat below is one that I have worked on for about a month or so now. Sorry about the out-of-focus on some of these pictures, but this is actually more like I see them when they are in my head later on. She is very sweet, she is just scared when you first start to touch her and then she gets more comfortable. When I was there today it seemed she had a good chance of being adopted so I am crossing fingers for her and imagining the best for her tonight.
These cats have been staying with me and now often inhabit my dreams. There was one who has had a cold that was in my head all last night, and I kept sending him good thoughts and light. I was very glad when I saw him today to see that he is feeling better.

The little dog below with the stuffed cat has the dearest personality. He has mange but is definitely well on the road to recovery. He always follows me around and watches me when I am working on the cats.

There are two black kittens and two black and white kittens who are in the same cage, and were all initially quite timid. It was about a week ago that I first met them, and I am happy to say that the most timid of all of them, the black and white one on the left in the picture directly below, finally seemed to turn a corner today and was actually purring a bit today and started to lick me with his tiny little tongue. He is still shy but he started to come towards my hand and ask for TTouch, which is quite different for him. The rest of the kittens in this cage settle quite quickly once I start to do TTouch on them. The touches that this little bunch responds to are chimp touches and abalone touches on the body, raccoon touches on the head and around the ears, and ear strokes using a very light touch. xoxox to this whole darling gang!

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