Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday at Social Tees

This past Friday at Social Tees, when I arrived there, there were a bunch of folks checking out the animals there, and the day ended up with a bunch of adoptions, yay. A woman came to pick up the lovely swirly-striped cat I spoke of in my last post. I have worked a lot on this cat and it is still shy but has come a long way. I wish the kitty well in his new home. Also, a family came in and adopted three kittens.
I had a nice breakthrough with a gray cat who I have been working on. He is friendly once you touch him, and receptive to touch but has been cautious, staying at the back of the cage. About a week ago he arrived there and was a bit stumbly, coming out of anesthesia from being at the vet. The next day I saw that he must have gotten wet and then got litter stuck in his tail. I took a cat brush and between that and my hand, managed to clean his tail, so he was a lot happier after that. He was very cooperative while I was doing this, seeming to know I was trying to help him. He is very receptive to TTouch on his head and ears, and enjoys TTouch on his body but with a lighter pressure, as he is rather tight in his body still. In general, I find him lying inside of his litter box in the back of the cage. However, today I found him lying OUT of the litter box, in the front of the cage. I told him how happy I was to see him out of the litter box etc and had a great TTouch session with him. He started to act rather playful, rolling over on his back, and he had not been relaxed enough to do this before. zn
The big gray cat is still there, calling Meep meep meep to me, always asking for TTouch. And I worked again on the little tabby I worked on last time, he seemed to recognize me and seems very comfortable with me. He particularly responds to touches with the back of my hand - llama touch, chimp touch, Noah's march with the back of my hand, and also responds to ear touch.
Today (Saturday) Social Tees had an adoption event with a bunch of my furry pals in a van on First Ave near Third Street. I stopped by there briefly today to say hello to everyone. I wish them all well and hope some of them got new homes today.

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