Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet Trudy

Hi folks, remember a while back this little doggie who was brought in to Social Tees out of the rain? This was what she looked like when she arrived

She was taken to the vet to be checked out and her fur was quite matted so she was given quite a makeover. She is back in Social Tees now and up for adoption. This is what she looks like now. Este, who is a very nice woman who comes in to volunteer, thought her name should be Trudy (Gertrude, and Trudy for short) and I think it fits her perfectly

She loves to smile and will become your best friend, especially if you give her a treat. I gave her a yummy Wellness treat today and she followed me around the rest of my time there. I gave her a few more treats as well as some TTouch, which she was more than happy to receive and there was no growling like she did when she first arrived. She is looking for a new person or persons to be her friend(s) for a forever home. If you come by, look for me and I will show you what her favorite treats and TTouches are.

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