Monday, August 1, 2011

Reiki with Jinx: Getting Closer

Last week I had a second Reiki session with Jinx, a beautiful grey and white cat whose guardian is my dear friend Jordyn Thiessen (

Jinx has started to lose mobility in his back legs, which the vet believes is due to a disk problem or tumor. Last time I offered him Reiki from a short distance away, as he is a very sensitive cat. He was extremely receptive to this.

This time I started out in a similar way. He was relaxing on the bed, so I very quietly sat near him and started to offer him Reiki from a short distance away. When animals are accepting the Reiki, you can feel the connection and acceptance, and I felt this from him quite quiickly this time, as though he recognized the energy from last time.
As the session went on, he shifted his position until my hands were where he wanted them to be. It turned out he wanted one of my hands to be on his hip area (where the leg trouble is possibly emanating from) and the other around his shoulder, which is near the heart chakra area. heart chakra area.

I was hands-on with him by this point.

As he took in the energy, he stretched out more and more til he was totally stretched on his side, sleeping, with a very gentle smile on his face. It was such a pleasure to see him feeling so peaceful, particularly as he is an animal who can be on the restless side, and most often doesn't tolerate a lot of contact.

Thank you Jinx (and Jordyn), sending more peaceful thoughts your way and look forward to seeing you soon.

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  1. This is so amazing to watch... Jinx generally prefers the company of men and especially being so sensitive now with his issue.. often hisses at anyone passing by when he is feeling out of sorts. To see this comfort and peacefulness and acceptance makes me filled with joy... and of course very teary.... Thank you Sarah for your healing. I actually got to do some of the touch therapy with him and he was very open to it!