Monday, August 1, 2011

Reiki and TTouch with Doris: Session 3

Today I went again to do Reiki and some Tellington TTouch with Mari's kitty Doris, who has diabetes and was recently diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. She recently had a rough night with diarrhea but is hanging in there. Though she is very delicate, she is a tough little gal!

When I entered the apartment, she was settled on the window sill (yes, a screen is on the window!), which was very pleasant, with the warm sunshine and a cool breeze coming in. She looked content. I felt I shouldn't push doing hands-on Reiki with her, as that seemed to be too intense for her in the past two sessions, so I started out a short distance away.

It is particularly important with senior cats and cats in delicate condition to be sensitive to really be in the moment and be sensitive to what they are receptive to. Often hands-on Reiki is too intense for them, so it's good to start from a distance.

After a bit, she got up to eat, drink and go to the litter box, so I just sat on the floor, continuing to send her energy, and when she settled back in the window I sat next to the window again, sending her Reiki from a couple of feet away. I could feel strong waves of energy going to her, and particularly felt the energy pulled to her abdomen area. As she has had trouble with diarrhea lately, this makes a lot of sense. Around the abdomen area is the solar plexus chakra, which has to do with digestion, among other things. She started to settle in the window, laying down, looking at me, maybe wondering what this strange energy was all about?

After a long while there, she went to eat again, then got back in the window. I did some TTouches around her head area, where she is very receptive to the TTouches. Mari has been doing TTouches with her in between our sessions, which is great, and she said Doris is very receptive to them, particularly around the head area, but that the mouth area is a little more touchy, as she has to give one of her supplements directly in her mouth. I showed Mari how to do the TTouches on the outside of the mouth doing the circles with the back of a finger or even a fingernail, so that the touch is less intense. Back surfaces of the fingers or hand are less intense. For example, Mari said Doris is receptive to the Llama TTouches on her back (circular TTouches with the back of the fingers). I showed Mari also the Chimp and Baby Chimp TTouches, which use the back of the fingers as well.

I also found that Doris was receptive to hair slides around her head area, as these are very gentle touches. Mari said that Doris usually eats after she does the TTouches with her, which is great, especially as she has been rather picky about eating. Please feel free to browse my youtube channel, for demos of a lot of these TTouches.

As we wound our session up, I thanked Doris and said goodbye to her. Doris was looking right at me - Mari said she seemed to be wondering why I was going, that she wanted some more!

I'm looking at Doris' picture as I write this - she is such a lovely, gentle soul. Sending Reiki, light and positive thoughts to you Doris. xo

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  1. Having a beloved friend diagnosed with terminal cancer is a hard thing, but making sure that her life is filled love and support, both emotional and nutrional is sooooo important. Doris has responded well to the supplements I've been giving her, and Sarah's gentle Reiki and ttouches have been invaluable in providing her with a sense of connection to the world. She always seems very content after a session, and the ttouches Sarah showed me have been a perfect way to provide comfort without overwhelming my little delicate kitty. I've seen other sick cats just withdraw into themselves; but by using the raccoon touches and llama touches I can keep her in the moment. She's still hanging tough, and Sarah's energy and guidance are giving Doris the best support she could hope for! Thanks Sarah - Mari & Doris