Monday, September 13, 2010

Visit to Pets Unlimited Shelter in San Francisco

While in San Francisco, I also had the opportunity to go with my mother and sister to visit the adoption center at Pets Unlimited.

Pets Unlimited has both a veterinary office and an adoption center, which houses both cats and dogs which have come from Animal Care and from other rescue organizations etc. I primarily was visiting the cat section of the center, though I did see that the section for dogs was well-kept and there appeared to be a steady stream of volunteers coming to walk the dogs, which is great.

The setup for the cats is wonderful – there are spacious rooms which all contained soft places to rest, cat trees to climb on, etc. The big cat room is bigger than a lot of NYC apartments:)
(large cat room pictured below)

Above: Larry, cat mentor extraordinaire

It was in the large cat room that we had the opportunity to meet Larry (pictured above), who is the volunteer mentor for cats. He shared with us some touching stories about cats who had been through SO much trauma, yet through his kindness and patience, he was able to gain the trust of these frightened cats and to help socialize them so they eventually became comfortable with people, friendly and adoptable. He said he had originally thought of himself as a dog person but that he had been put in the kitten room to work with all the kittens, and the rest was history. He has been at Pets Unlimited for nine years – they are so lucky to have him there. The other staff who we met there seemed very kind and caring as well.

Below: Two of the many lovely cats up for adoption at Pets Unlimited

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