Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mayor's Alliance Cats Aug. 30: Irene Comes Out of the Cage

Irene is one of the Mayor's Alliance rescue cats which I am working on through Tavi & Friends' TTouch-in-Rescue program. She is a sweetheart, and has really been coming around. When I first started working with her, she wanted to mostly stay in her litter box at the back of her cage. Today, she was coming to the front of the cage to greet me, and would stay at the front of her cage to observe as I was doing TTouch on some of the cats in the other cages. Above you see a photo of her right next to the glass.

And below, you will see part of our session. As with many cats, I would work with her for a while, then give her a break and work on another cat, then come back to her again. And this time, towards the end of my session there, she came right out of the cage, for the first time since I have been working with her. I picked her up and she was quite comfortable being held in my arms. I did some slow clouded leopard touches and ear strokes on her as I held her before putting her back in the cage.

When you touch her in the cage, she still will hesitate a bit before you touch her, but then once you do, she is quite responsive. She is also getting more comfortable with being touched on her body than she was previously.

It is so lovely to see her becoming so much more confident.

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