Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Cat Loft at BARC Shelter Sept 4 - Mittens and Muffin

I worked again on Mittens and Muffin, two semi-feral youngster kitties at BARC shelter out in Brooklyn. They are really coming around!!

Again, today I worked on them a number of times, giving them breaks and working on other cats in between.

Today I could touch Mittens with my hands right away. She rolled right over on her side and then onto her back as I did clouded leopard TTouches on her body and mouth touches and ear touches on her head. She responded very enthusiastically and for the first time, she came forward towards the door of the cage and wanted to come out. I was not able to let her do this at the moment because she could be very hard to catch and get back in there, but it was great to see her coming forward all on her own for further contact. And this time she was PURRRRING quite a lot, which was something new to hear from her.

Muffin is still more shy but she is really coming around as well. In the beginning of the session I was still working on her using the brush, but by the end of the day there I was able to do TTouches on her body and a bit on her head using my hand. She looked a bit startled by being touched with my hand but she didn't try to run away from me. She just looked a bit like having me do TTouch on her was a different sensation and she wasn't sure how to react. After a bit she relaxed more, laying on her side as I did TTouches down her body.

I am so excited about the progress these two have been making in a couple of short weeks - and I thank them for being brave and trusting me :)

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