Monday, September 13, 2010

TTouch with Cookie from Homeless Cat Network

Above: Cookie with my sister Katie's cat Luigi

While in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of giving a refresher lesson on TTouches to Cookie McCrory (check spelling) from Homeless Cat Network. I visited her and the wonderful shelter where she works last time I was in San Francisco, and every time we speak on the phone or get together we have very animated conversations about animals. She and a number of the other volunteers at Homeless Cat Network shelter offer both TTouch and Reiki to the cats there. These techniques can be so soothing for the animals, and can also help them to become adoptable sooner, which is terrific!

My sister Katie was generous enough to let us meet in her apartment and interact with her three cats, Iggy, Luigi and Zoe.

Cookie was so sweet, and had brought gifts for the cats – a wonderful cat toy which is comprised of a long stick with a flexible rubber squiggly thing at the end and catnip toys which they make at Homeless Cat Network which contain especially wonderful catnip – the cats were extremely pleased by this!!

I demonstrated a number of TTouches to her and showed her a bunch of the many tools which I use when working with cats, especially cats who are afraid to be touched. She has also been having a bit of trouble with a kitten who wants to bite, so I showed her some TTouches and techniques that hopefully will be helpful.

She was a pleasure to work with and was excited to share the information with the others at the shelter. She called me the next day to tell me that she was already trying the new TTouches on her own cat Oreo and she said he was just loving it.

Great to see you Cookie – I really appreciate all the lovely work you do with the animals and look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks for all the beautiful work you do for the animals.

Below: Cookie says hello to Iggy

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