Thursday, November 19, 2009

RIP Cartwright and Thank You Jesse James

I had very sad news yesterday. The little black kitten w/roundworm who I had rescued took a turn for the worse a few days ago (other health complications as his immune system was very delicate) and sadly did not make it. I felt so filled with sorrow for this little guy, we had really tried to help him. I hope we at least helped him feel more comfortable, loved and less alone in the last few days of his too-short life.

I found out this news when I took one of the shelter dogs to the vet to be neutered, as when I got to the vet I had a chance to ask about the kitten's condition. Needless to say, when I returned to the shelter, I was really beside myself. Robert, who runs the shelter and has had so much experience with both the joyous and the sad events which can happen in a no-kill shelter, had some really helpful words to offer.

Then something very unexpected happened. Our little Chihuahua who I have been calling Jesse James, as he is kind of an outlaw little guy, has been very friendly to me when the shelter is quiet but this day he came right up to me, seeming to know that I was very sad, put his little face right in my face and began to lick me.

I did some TTouch and he snuggled near me for a while. Most of the rest of the day, he stayed near where I was. I was so touched by that and so grateful. I knew that he truly sensed what I was feeling.

I hope that wherever Cartwright's little kitty spirit is now, he is happy and free. I will always hold a special place in my heart for him.

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