Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Demo of TTouch Balance Plus Leash

Hi everyone, I recently posted to a TTouch list about a very good result I had using the Balance Plus leash configuration with a pit bull from the shelter. I had to walk him from the vet. I could tell he was a "pully" dog and when I got him set up in this configuration, like magic, he was walking very politely beside me and stopping when I signaled gently. I was able to have a lighter touch on the leash, which was more comfortable for both of us.

Linda Tellington-Jones (the amazing woman who is the originator and developer of TTouch) asked me to post a clip of this leash setup on youtube. At some point I will do a demo with a live dog but in the meantime, here is a demo of the setup using my little pet beanie baby dog.


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