Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bonding with Jesse James, and More Progress with Ferals

Ever since Jesse (pictured above) comforted me the other day at the shelter, we have become very bonded. Now when I come in, he comes running up to greet me, and he follows me around and often sits near where I am working. Very sweet! And I am getting in some good TTouch on him. He really responds to ear strokes, some gentle touches around his head and mouth area, and clouded leopard touches on his body, though I have to be a bit more careful around his hindquarters as that seems to be a somewhat sensitive area. I think he's seeking out the contact.

In the pictures below, you will Jesse him sitting at my feet as I sit on a stepladder doing TTouch on one of the little ferals we have in there. These little ferals have really come along. They still flinch and occasionally growl when they are first approached, but once I get them out of the cage, they become very relaxed as they sit on my lap and receive TTouch.

I think it will just take time and patience for these little ones to become accustomed to human contact, but it is definitely happening. When they are in their cage, they also look more relaxed. They do not always huddle in the back of the cage now, and are not always in a crunched-up position, which is great. It is a joy to feel their little bodies much more soft and relaxed as they sit in my lap.

Below again you see Jesse as he keeps me company (he looks a bit like he is standing guard here!). I hope that he will have a forever home soon!

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