Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adoption News and Joe Update

Hi folks, the adoptions at Social Tees continue at a wonderful clip. A couple of days ago, one of the kitties dearest to my heart, the blind orange kitten pictured above who we call Carrot Top, was adopted by a very sweet woman who also adopted a lovely, gentle little calico kitten for a playmate for Carrot Top. I know they will have a great life together. Carrot Top would always come to the front of the cage to see me (as pictured above), and loved me to take her out and do TTouch on her as I held her. She would purrrrr up a storm the entire time. She did the same thing when her new owner picked her up and held her, which was so endearing. I wish them well!

Now an update on my little pal Joe, who I rescued and brought to the shelter last week. I had started to call him Little Joe and so we thought of Little Joe Cartwright of Bonanza and so now his name has evolved into Cartwright. I need to take a new picture of him, as he is looking better now and the diarrhea stopped yesterday, which is great! I'm sure the medication (including a homeopathic remedy recommended by my homeopathic vet) plus the TLC has been working wonders. He waits in the front of the cage for me when I come in. I clean him with a damp cloth, do TTouch on him, give him wet food and a clean little cloth for him to lie on so he is not tempted to lie in his litter box. Yesterday after I had done this and was working on another cat, he saw me and meowed to me as though he wanted me to come back. Of course I did, and it was so sweet, he started to eat his wet food while I was doing clouded leopard touches on his body, so I kept doing this and he kept on eating. A lot of times during or after doing TTouch on an animal, it will stimulate them to eat. I send him distant Reiki when I am not there. I feel a very special connection with this cat as I was responsible for rescuing him and bringing him to the shelter.

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