Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mrs. Patches and Kids: update and adoption news

Hi folks, a while back I told you about Kathy and the feral cats she rescued: mom cat Mrs. Patches and her three kittens Darla (bw kitten below), Carmelita (originally called Einstein until we found out he was a she, tortoise shell kitten below) and Bette (bw kitten on right). I did a number of TTouch sessions with these sweet cats, and we made good progress. Kathy and Marge also did TTouch on them at that time. Since that time, Kathy continued to do TTouch and Reiki with these cats and they have really come along.

Recently, Darla was adopted to a good home with another cat, where she is adjusting well, and the day before Thanksgiving I found out that both Carmelita and Bette, who are really attached to each other, were being adopted by a couple with two other cats. I wish them well! Mrs. Patches still needs a home but meanwhile she is still being taken care of by Kathy and Sisca (Sisca acted as foster mom for all these cats for most of the time since they were rescued from a wood pile in New Jersey).

As you can see by the picture at the top, Mrs. Patches is simply gorgeous and is a sweet soul. She still is pretty shy so she is looking for a patient, kind, gentle forever home.

Best wishes to all and thanks to Kathy for rescuing these cats and to everyone who has helped these cats along the way:)

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