Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Little Dog Gets a Cat

Over the weekend, a very pleasant couple came into Social Tees shelter with their tiny Chihuahua (see photo below). They wanted to adopt a kitty friend for the dog, so I accompanied them while they looked at different kitties to decide who would be a good companion. As I do TTouch on all the cats there, I am familiar with the general temperaments of the cats, so I showed them the cats who I thought would be gentle and kind to this little dog. We tried putting him near several cats (either holding him up near their cage or taking the cat out and having me or someone else hold the cat in proximity (being careful to go slowly and not get too close too soon) to make sure there wasn't any violent type of reaction.

They settled on the gorgeous cat pictured below, who is quite a bit larger than the dog. The kitty has a very mild temperament and when we put them near each other, both the cat and dog were very nonchalant, which is a great sign. They also match rather well in color :)
I wish them well and hope they become great pals in no time.

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