Friday, November 6, 2009

Rescuing Joe

Yesterday at about noon Robert from Social Tees gave me a call and told me there was a little kitten with roundworm and bad diarrhea that he wanted to bring to Social Tees and asked me if I could go pick it up. Of course I said yes. The little guy is pictured above and his name is Joe. He was a good sport riding back to the shelter on the subway in his little box, and as soon as we got him to the shelter we medicated him and fed him. He was really hungry! He ate a bunch of wet food, then I did some TTouch on him which seemed to stimulate his appetite for him to eat some more and to have some water. Roundworm is very treatable with medication so I'm sure he will be in good shape soon. He is a very friendly, sweet little kitten and was really responding to the ear strokes, raccoon touches and clouded leopard touches I was doing all over his little body. He kept rubbing himself against my hand. I felt so much love and gratitude coming from this little guy, I felt that he really knew we were doing our best to help him and give him a chance for a lovely life. When I left the shelter, he was sleeping peacefully and looked as though he had a smile on his little face.

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