Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TTouch and Reiki at BARC Shelter: Adele B

Adele B is a beautiful senior cat at BARC Shelter in Brooklyn. I have to get better pictures of this beautiful cat, but hopefully these blurry pics will capture this gentle cat's essence. She has hyperthyroidism so is on medication for that. She has a gentle, quiet energy so I approached her very slowly and gently so as not to overwhelm her.

I started out by doing a few circular TTouches on her head, then a few gentle strokes down her body. I stopped and started a few times, giving her breaks, and spoke to her in a soft voice.

I then began to offer her Reiki, and could feel the energy pouring from my hands into her body. She grew extremely comfortable and stretched out, relaxing her body right into my hands. Sometimes if an animal is extremely comfortable in one Reiki hand position, I will keep my hands there for the whole time, as it can sometimes feel too jolting to move. I felt like my hands were pulled to her body, and I could feel the quiet energy going to her and back to me in waves. When it felt like it had been enough, I thanked her and gently moved my hands away, still feeling the quiet.

Since that session, I did another session with her, the same thing happening, where she relaxed right into my hands. Some of the cats in the shelter especially seem to crave the comfort of the warm energy and stillness. Thank you Adele B - and I hope a kind person will come soon to offer you a forever home :)

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