Sunday, November 7, 2010

TTouch and Reiki at BARC: Camilla

Sweet Camilla is a dear little angel of a cat who recently arrived at BARC shelter after her owner passed away. She has had chronic diarrhea (the vet thinks this is a result of her having Irritable Bowel Disease), so she has been receiving medication and a special diet to help remedy this. I have also been doing TTouch and Reiki with her for long periods of time to help promote balance and well-being in her body, as the ongoing diarrhea can make her appear quite uncomfortable at times.
This past Saturday, when I arrived I was very pleased to see that for the first time since she arrived, she had done some solid poops, hooray! I know this is too much information for some, but for those who have had cats with this problem, you know what a relief it can be to see this.
When I opened her cage, she was right at the front door of the cage to say hello. I put my fleece jacket on my lap in case she felt like coming out to settle there. She walked out on my lap briefly, then went back inside her cage, where she felt more at ease. I did some gentle TTouches on her, and soon felt Reiki energy flowing from my hands. As animals often do, eventually Camilla went around in a circle and settled into my hands, putting the part of her body against my hands which she felt needed the healing energy. She had her back end nestled into my hands and was curled up into a cozy ball. I felt like my hands were merging with her body at times, feeling light and breath expanding the whole back half of her body. At the very base of her tail was very hot. I felt Relki energy flowing and pulsing into her body.
We stayed like this for a very long time, and she seemed profoundly relaxed, probably the most relaxed I had ever seen her. And I had never felt this breath and expansion and light with her in her back end. It was really lovely to feel and see. At one point she looked up at me and gave me a little tiny lick on my face.
When we finished, I gave her a little kiss on her ear and she settled back into a nap.
I will be so interested to see how this kitty is after the weekend (BARC is closed Sun and Monday). As I am writing this, I feel so much love for this cat pouring from my heart.

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