Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Surprising Moments and Quiet Breakthroughs

A while back at Social Tees ( I had tried working on the lovely calico cat above (this picture is from several weeks ago), with limited success. She was just so afraid. First I did some air touches with the wand with an ace bandage wrapped around the end, keeping about 6 inches away from her body. This seemed to be calming for a few sessions with her, but eventually she decided she did not like the wand and swatted at it, hissing etc. I decided to leave her alone and did some Reiki on her for several sessions, which I had been advised was a good idea by my friend, animal communicator Eileen Garfinkel ( She still often lies with her head towards the back of the cage but sometimes started facing forward, and I began to open the cage and talk to her, without touching her. Finally I just went ahead and did some TTouch on her head with my hand, which she was fine with for a short while. I told Robert at Social Tees what had happened, and this was the funny moment - he said he had been petting her already. I think I had been afraid to even try for a while because of her body language. Anyway, the same day I went back and tried some more, and she began to purr. On subsequent days, I have been able to do short sessions with her, simply doing TTouch on her head and ears, as she still gets over-stimulated and will start to swat. I look forward to working on her more.

The little grey tabby darling above is a kitty I have been working on patiently, gradually and quietly, and yesterday she came more fully out of her shell than I have ever seen.
She has been reluctant about eating so I brought some tasty wet food for her to try, and she was very happy about munching away on that. As she came forward to eat, I began doing Noah's march with the back of my hand, gentle zigzags and chimp touches on her body. She responded very well to these, which I did all with a very light pressure. Then I took a jelly scrubber, which is often used for doing TTouch, and used it to brush her. As she is a kitten, her fur is quite short and close to the skin, so the rubber brush was perfect for her and she responded very well to it. I was able to get a lot of loose hair off her, which I think helped her feel more confident as well. I gave her a break and then came back to her several times during my session at Social Tees yesterday, working on her little by little. She looked very comfortable and stayed at the front of the cage for the rest of the day while I was there. I am crossing my fingers and hoping this was one of those lovely types of breakthroughs when the cat stays out of its shell - which tells me they are feeling more confident and comfortable, and increases their chances of adoption as well. Here's hoping!

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