Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kitten Rascals and two Orange Boys

Hi folks, the day before yesterday I arrived at the shelter and saw these little punk-looking kitties waiting for me, with dirty little matted faces. Apparently they had just eaten and hadn't learned how to wash up after eating! Another volunteer and I washed them up using warm damp cloths, and they were then clean and seemed more comfortable after that. I also did TTouch on all four (one is behind the three others in this picture of these kittens using the little kitten harness I described in my previous posts, and it worked very well to contain them gently. I think they felt more safe being contained this way when they were out of the cage, as there are grownup cats and dogs roaming around. I did raccoon touches on their head, around their ears, and around their mouths, and very gentle ear slides. On their bodies I did raccoon touches, baby chimp touches and abalone touches. As I mentioned previously, the little black and white one, who is the smallest, became the most relaxed and took a little kitten nap, purring with the tiniest little vibration. When I put them back in their cages, they continued to cluster at the front of the cage. They are so eager for contact.

I also worked with the two slightly older kittens who are in a separate cage. They are still shy but are not hissing when I approach them now. Once I touch them, for the most part, they settle into the touch now instead of moving away.

Below are two orange brothers who are lovely and very appealing. One boy is extremely friendly, hanging out in the front of the cage and talking to people who pass by and he began to touch me with his paw while I was working on a cat in adjacent cage. His brother is shy and generally hangs out in the back of the cage (he's the one you see on the left here). Of course I had to see what would happen with a little TTouch. I reached to the back of the cage toward the shy brother. When I touched his head, he was a bit shy at first but once he figured out that the touch made him feel good, he began to rub against me for more, so I continued to do TTouch on his head and then did some strokes down his body with the back of my hand, along with some chimp touches. Eventually he came from the back of the cage to the front of the cage alongside his brother as you see here, and both cats were rubbing against my hand. They are both such charming fellows, I am sure they will have a home soon, together. If you want to see these guys and the rest of the gang, they at Social Tees ( in NYC, come down and check them out!

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