Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some New Arrivals at Social Tees

Yesterday when I arrived at Social Tees I encountered this irresistible lineup of cuties who had just arrived. There were two who were extra-extra tiny and two who were extra tiny. The two tiniest ones looked the most in need of food and TLC. First I gave them all food, then I took the two littlest ones out one by one, holding them in a towel to make them cozy and gently keep them from safe from getting loose. Neither one of them tried to move away from me at all once I had them in the towel and began to do TTouch. I started on their tiny heads, doing small raccoon touches and ear strokes with the lightest of pressure. I even did some TTouch around their mouth area (outside of the mouth). Then I did some Ttouch on their bodies, sometimes using my fingertips and other times using my whole hand. Both kittens relaxed into the touch so much, they just seemed as though they would be content to stay there forever. When I put each one back, they leaned against the cage, looking at me as though they wanted me to take them out again, which I did, doing Ttouch on each of the two twice.
Below is a picture of one of the tiny ones (the white one w/black) taking a nap alongside one of the "bigger" ones (the striped tabby).

All four kittens clumped together on top of each other in a kitty nap when I was done.

Below is a new cat who looks like a fully-grown version of our recently-adopted pal, Jigsaw, so we are calling him Jigsaw Jr. He even is crippled in a similar way on the same front leg, how strange is that? He was frightened when he first arrived but he relaxed quite quickly as I did some gentle TTouch and ear strokes on him.

The little cat below has a slight limp, but seems to be peppy and is very friendly. I did some TTouch on his head and Noah's march down his body with the back of my hand to introduce myself. I didn't want to overwhelm him with the first session.

The two youngsters below are also new and extremely friendly. The tabby has amazingly soft fur. They both received TTouch readily. The tabby seems to have a bit of trouble with its neck and balance, so we should be finding out more what that's about soon. I did some gentle TTouch on its body, very light pressure, and it kept rubbing itself against me.
Welcome to the new bunch, and for you NYC folks, come on down and check them out :)

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