Monday, June 15, 2009

Staying in the Moment at Social Tees

Hi folks, today I was back at the shelter at Social Tees ( to continue doing Ttouch on the two boy cats I have been working on, one a tabby and white kitty and one all-tabby kitty. I believe they are sisters, or at least pals. The all-tabby girl has been much more reluctant in general but has been coming around little by little, and the other has quickly turned around and has gone from not wanting to be touched at all to enjoying being touched all over her body. Today I was able to do ear TTouch, clouded leopard and chimp TTouch all over her body and head, including her lower back which was initially very tight and got somewhat looser as I worked.

The all-tabby cat hissed a bit as I first approached her, so I started out doing light circles w/the wand and ace bandage "corndog". I alternated working on one cat, then the other. Then when I went back to the all-tabby cat, she continued to look reluctant and I felt myself let go of my expectations and accept that it might be right to simply continue with the wand, if she was not ready for my hand. However, a little later, I asked her if it was ok to touch him with my hand. She seemed to be OK so I talked softly to her as I started to do light, slow llama ttouches on her back. She was settling down and her eyes began to look sleepy. Then I continued and worked up to her head and a little bit on her ears. I gave her a little break and when I went back to working on her again, I was able to work quite a bit on her body, including his lower back which was also quite tight. She got more and more comfortable as I worked, as if she was realizing that indeed this was an enjoyable experience, and that I was not going to do something that would hurt her. And one of the turning points seemed to come when I let go of what I wanted to happen and was able to be truly in the moment with her.

I look forward to working more on these two cats and I hope they will be able to be adopted soon. If you are looking to adopt a kitty and are in NYC, check Social Tees out!

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