Monday, June 29, 2009

Garbanzo on the Confidence Course, Part 2

OK, here we go again, my patient guy Jeffrey shot these clips, so here you will see Garbanzo on the confidence course with the orange cones, lured by little crunchy treats. Again, after going back and forth on this a number of times, he was completely worn out and curled up and went to sleep, just as the dogs did in our training after working on the confidence course.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the confidence course used in TTouch, one generally uses the confidence course with dogs. This is a setup which usually consists of a number of things, such as a labyrinth, orange cones, hula hoops, various surfaces such as plastic, bubble wrap, or wood boards, and the like. Challenging a dog with walking between the lines of a labyrinth, weaving through cones or walking on unusual surfaces can really focus a dog and is especially helpful for dogs who are over-excited, dogs who have a tendency to freeze, dogs who are fearful, etc. I recently bought these orange cones and thought I'd try it on my cat Garbanzo.


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