Friday, June 5, 2009

A Few Thoughts on a Friday

I have been in contact with my fellow TTouchers, including Linda Tellington herself, for advice on the work I've been doing with the animals. One thing she reminded me of is how important INTENTION is when doing this work, and also remaining in the moment and not being focused on outcome.
Something else floated around in my mind last night. I could see the faces of the animals I had worked on during the day so clearly in my mind and I could feel from them how sweet their intentions were, and the power of their longing for love and contact. In so many of these animals with difficult backgrounds there is simply the barrier of fear there that keeps them from what they long for so much. Of course, "simply" is not the right word to use exactly as it is not so simple, but I think when there is a point of clear realization by the animals that you are approaching them with the most gentle and loving intention, then they are able to release that fear. They always seem so relieved at that moment, you can sometimes feel them sigh as though they are thinking "oh, finally, yes, I am comfortable in this moment in time and space and can truly relax."
Have a great weekend everyone! more adventures to come soon!

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