Monday, March 7, 2011

TTouch and Reiki at BARC Shelter: Update on Adele B

Adele is one of the most gentle, quiet, sweet souls I have met. She is a rescue cat at BARC shelter. She is about 15 yrs old, had been found by someone and it was found that she was microchipped. When her owners were contacted (they were out of state), they didn't want her back. She has a number of health issues, including kidney problems and hyperthyroidism, and is quite frail. The wonderful staff and volunteers at the shelter are making sure that she receives a lot of love and, of course, the food, medication, fluids and veterinary attention she needs in order to keep her as healthy and comfortable as possible. Her spirit is strong -- the other day it seemed she was taking a turn for the worse, but then a couple of days later when I arrived at the shelter, she had rallied and was right in the front of the cage, eating and waiting to come out onto my lap. Her eyes seemed brighter and she actually doesn't seem as frail as she did a while back. Below is a picture of her with Mary, a very dedicated and wonderful volunteer at BARC, who is very connected with Adele, as I am. As I have been doing Reiki with her several times a week over a few months, Adele recognizes me and usually comes to the front of the cage when I greet her, and waits for me to open the cage so that she can come out onto my lap for Reiki. She really absorbs the energy, and lately she has not wanted to go back into her cage even after receiving Reiki quite a long time. I give her a good long session, and then after working with the other cats, try to come back to her for a little more time. I also incorporate some very gentle TTouches along with Reiki when I am working with her, and yesterday when I began to do the TTouches, she gave me such a sweet little kiss (see below). This cat who is so appreciative of every bit of attention you give her and never complains, has taught me so much about the importance of appreciating the moment, and appreciating the beauty of that indescribable heart connection which you can have with an animal.

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