Friday, May 28, 2010

Mika and Mischa, update

I was getting ready to write a blog post of an update with my little grey and white brother and sister kitties at the shelter, Mika and Mischa. They have been getting increasingly relaxed with me, with other people, and with other cats. They have been in the window at Social Tees shelter with several other cats, and appearing to be quite content, as you can see by the pix of them relaxing in this post (Mischa above, Mika below). Mika is still the shyer of the two but has been beginning to come forward for contact, which is a huge step for her. She especially responds to zigzag touches. Mischa comes right up to me for TTouch when I enter the window area and especially responds to little circles around his head, zigzag touches and llama touches on his body. When I am not touching him, he comes to play with my shoelaces, very cute.


A couple of days ago, Robert, the owner of the shelter, came to the back room to get me as a nice woman was getting ready to adopt Mika and Mischa -- what a very nice surprise!! She seems like a very gentle person. I told her they might be a bit shy at first but that they were very gentle, sweet cats. I showed her and her friend how to do some gentle zigzags on the cats, etc.

These two kitties have come such a long way in the months that I have worked on them. They came in completely terrified and hiding in their litter box, and now are so much more confident and comfortable. I wish these sweet little souls a very happy life in their new home.

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