Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garbanzo Teaches Me How to Brush Him :)

My cat Garbanzo led me to TTouch and at 16 years old he still teaches me new things every day.

He gets easily stimulated when I brush him and wants to use the brush for a play toy. After a lot of expermentation, I discovered that the method I show above really works well with him and lets me brush him for a long enough period of time to really get the excess hair off. I use two different brushes, a rubber zoom groom (they make one for cats and one for dogs) and a wire brush (I use a wire brush meant for kittens as it is softer than others). First I do circle and stroke with the rubber brush, then a slow, long stroke down the body with the wire brush. As I am not doing a continual brush, brush, brush, this method is less stimulating and more relaxing. You see him watching me as I do this as I had already been brushing him for a while before I taped him :)

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