Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Lovely Adoption News

(Above: "Angel")
Hi folks, we do a LOT of adoptions at Social Tees, but when some of my special TTouch babies hwo have had more difficulty in one way or another get their forever homes, it is just such a sweet blessing, though of course I will miss them!

This past weekend, our little Angel, the black one-eyed kitty, got adopted, as well as Murray, who I first encountered when he was hiding and terrified behind a box in the window of the shelter, and Mr. Robinson (pictured below), who is a mush cat and so sweet, but it took him a while longer as he is a senior citizen and they take longer to get adopted. I send them SO much love and wish them the best in their new homes.

Speaking of adoption stuff, I have heard from Jimmy Girl and Luke's new mommy (who has sent pix as well) and they are doing so great, I am so happy for them.


  1. So happy to hear Angel got a home!! And Murray. It gives me hope! Such wonderful work you are doing!!!

  2. thank you so much, and I forgot to post, amazingly Tiffany also has a home already. someone who sounded like they had a very good understanding of fearful dogs adopted her.