Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Angel is a long-haired young black kitty who just returned to us from the vet. Many of our animals arrive at our shelter in need of veterinary care, and in Angel's case, the vet had to remove one eye. We still need to give her medication and make sure she's eating, especially as she was quite emaciated on arrival, so I have spent a lot of time with her doing these things as well as doing TTouch and Reiki on her.

Animals have so much to teach us about appreciating the moment and strength of spirit. I am always amazed at how loving and sweet so many of the shelter animals are even after they have gone through so much difficulty. Angel is one of those special animals, which is why we had to give her that name. Even when I am giving her medication, she seems to know that I am only trying to help her, and though I can tell she doesn't especially enjoy me giving her pills, she seems to know that she needs to let me do it. After I finish giving her medication, I feed her and then begin to do Reiki and TTouch on her.
When I first started working on her, I felt that there was a lot of heat coming from her back around midway down, so I put my hands on either side of her there, often with about an inch between my hands and her body, and could feel a strong current of energy moving back and forth between my hands and her body. In days after that, I still have held my hands there, but feel less heat there than initially.
She is very affectionate and often when I start to touch her, she makes a very cute meow that sounds kind of like a little lamb and she starts to rub her head against my hands. I am able to do TTouch anywhere on her body and she is very responsive to it. She is especially responsive to ear strokes, which stimulate the immune system and so are very good for her. She actually seems to like me to apply more pressure in the ear strokes than I would have expected would be comfortable for such a delicate cat. When I do these, she keeps rubbing her head against me, doing the little lamb meow and asks me to continue.
Doing TTouch often seems to stimulate the appetite, as I have found this to be the case with most of the cats I've worked with. This is especially great in the case of a cat who we need to encourage to eat more on their own. Often Angel will start eating while I am doing TTouch on her.
She is also eating more vigorously now, seems not as emaciated and has so much more life force coming from her. All of this has been helped along through medication, subcutaneous hydration (which my friend Jordyn, who is a master at this, has started doing for us at the shelter), food, water and lots of love. I often send Reiki to Angel when I am not at the shelter, and feel such a strong connection with her. I wish her well, and know that when the right day somes, there will be a very special person who will walk through the door and give sweet Angel a forever home.

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