Sunday, December 27, 2009

More San Francisco Dogs

I forgot to publish this post for a while, oops! Here are some photos I took of some of the dogs I met on the beach when I was out in San Francisco. My guy Jeffrey and I would walk every morning on the beach near Crissy Field there, and people and their dogs are always out having a great time. It is such a delight to feel the pure joy these animals have, being out in the open where they can run to their heart's content, play in the water and do whatever other fun things dogs enjoy. I can't remember whether the two little dudes above are brothers or father and son, but they are adorable.

Above is a mini doberman with a miniature Husky (a type of mini I had never seen), these dogs were so sweet together.
And of course I love this feisty little guy below, tearing off at full speed.

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