Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jesse James Gets Adopted

Yesterday a very nice young woman came into the shelter and was interested in having a look at my pal Jesse James. Of course I was happy to tell her all about him. I explained to him that he is a great little dog but one has to really be observant and err on the side of caution as to how much contact he is ready for. I showed her how he will put his paw on your knee when he is ready to be picked up to put on your lap, etc. We also went for a walk with him. I showed her how I use the step-in harness and TTouch leash (which I donated to her), clipped to the side clips of the harness, which is a great setup for a dog who is small or very low to the ground like a dachshund. I explained to her how when you put on the step-in harness, it is easy to remember which part of the clip is where because "The female is always right" (thanks, Kathy Cascade, for teaching me that). Jesse gets VERY excited when he knows he is going to be going out for a walk, so it was good that she saw the reality of that and that it can be a bit of a challenge to get his harness and leash on!

The young woman fell absolutely in love with Jesse (I can't blame her) so she decided to adopt him. I am very happy for her and happy for Jesse that he is going to a very kind person. I have to admit it was very strange after they left the shelter though, as his absence was so palpable. I will miss him so much but I truly hope this works out well for both of them, and send them all the best for a great life together.


  1. How wonderful for Jesse James! I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles, you write well. So glad that your shelter is willing to take the time to let the animals proceed on their healing path at their own rate. I recently took an Intro class in TTouch and am practicing on my own animals before blending it into my healing practice with the other modalities. Best wishes, Rose

  2. Thank you Rose, I am grateful I am working at a shelter that understands that some of these animals need more time and patience. And I am sure that you will find TTouch to be a wonderful compliment to the other aspects of your healing practice. And I have to say that my own cat Garbanzo has been such a wonderful teacher to me in doing this work. best wishes to you, Sarah