Saturday, December 26, 2009

Journey to the Bay Area

We're spending a few days with family in the San Francisco Bay Area, and what a lovely place it is. San Francisco is a very animal-friendly, and particularly dog-friendly town, and there is a great beach for dogs to run on down near Crissy Field, which is close to the Golden Gate Bridge. I have an ongoing series of photos taken of dogs on this beach. Above you'll see one having a great time on a sunny day here.

We also drove to the Point Reyes area, where they have many cow pastures alongside the road. We pulled off the road at one point and I got out with my camera. There was a LOONNG line of cows all along the fence who were coming to look at me and see what I was up to. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could TTouch them but that was not in the cards as we didn't have much time to spend there and these cows seemed to be pretty shy and unaccustomed to human contact. I did get a chance to do a few air circles near them and a few small strokes on the head of the cow pictured below, who seemed to be the most dominant cow who the others would follow. Every time they heard even the most subtle sound, such as my camera clicking off, they all moved in unison. At one point it was very humorous because I was looking at them instead of where I was going, and suddenly down I went onto the ground, as I had stepped in a huge hole! no harm done to me but we did start to laugh, which I think startled the cows a bit, they seemed a bit confused about the purpose of my presence. I'm sure if I had a suitable treat to give them they would have been very glad to take it but unfortunately I didn't. Hope to see them next time I take a trip out here with treat in hand!

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