Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cadbury and Harold

We have gotten a bunch more animals in lately at Social Tees, both cats and dogs, so if you are in NYC, come on down and have a look! Two of my new friends are Cadbury (pictured above), named because he is the color of semisweet chocolate, and Harold (pictured below). They both came in with very bad colds and runny eyes, so I was asked to give them eye medication each day for a while. Of course I have turned the medication-giving into a whole little event. I have been combing the cats using what is probably a mustache comb, a very small-sized and small-toothed comb which is perfect for combing kittens who have very short fur and can be sensitive. The combing seems to be very soothing to them. Little Harold was quite dirty when he arrived, and so I gave him a good wipe-down with pet wipes and a damp paper towel, then dried him off with a paper towel. I have been wiping both cats around their face area carefully to clean the residue left by the runny eyes. I am happy to say that their eyes have pretty much cleared up already (this is after a few days of medication), and their colds appear to be just about gone (they were given antibiotics for this). Since I have been taking them out of the cage to do all this, of course I incorporate a lot of TTouch to make this a comfortable experience. Little Harold now settles right down on my lap the minute I put him there and he seems to find the whole experience very relaxing. Cadbury is a more peppy kitten in general but his energy also relaxes down a notch after doing some chimp touches down his body and raccoon touches all over his head along with some ear strokes.

I have to admit that little Harold has found a special place in my heart and it is very hard not to bring him home! He has such a wistful, wise face. Some kittens have a look of wisdom beyond their years, and he is one of those kittens for sure! Both these little guys are absolutely irresistible and I'm sure they will find homes soon.

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