Friday, July 22, 2011

Reiki and TTouch with Jinx: A Circle of Connection

Jinx is a very handsome, dear cat belonging to my good friend Jordyn Thiessen. I ran into her yesterday and she asked me to come and work with him, as he is losing mobility in his hind legs, most likely due to either a tumor or disc damage. Above is a photo of me working with him a couple of years ago, and below you will see pix of me during our session today.

We took him into a neighbor's apartment to work, so it would be more quiet without the two other dogs and cat. Jinx decided after a few TTouches that he wanted to go under the bed, so I spoke with Jordyn and continued sending Jinx Reiki energy from where I was sitting. I felt quite a strong flow of energy coming from my hands.

At one point he came out for a few more TTouches, then went back underneath the bed. All the while I was continuing to let Reiki flow, and the atmostphere was becoming quite calm. Jordyn is familiar with a lot of the TTouches, and I explained to her how she can do some connected TTouches going down each side of Jinx's spine, and some zigzag TTouches going from the front of his body and front legs, wrapping around his body and then going down his hind legs. This will help to activate the neural pathways and help body awareness and connection from front to back. I later shared with her that it will also be helpful to do some raccoon TTouches (with the tip of the finger) down his legs and all around his feet and paw pads, if he is comfortable with that.

Then we had one of those beautiful surprises that truly touch my heart.

Jinx came back out and sat on a chair near me, and he settled in and laid down.

I began to send him Reiki with one of my hands around his pelvis area, about 8 inches away, and the other hand was in front of his front paws, again about 6-8 inches away from his body.

Then he extended one of his front paws and touched my hand, and kept his paw there, so I was feeling a circuit of connection with him. He stayed there for quite a while. I was feeling energy coming to me from his paw, and I was feeling energy coming out of both of my hands: energy going to his paw from my left hand and energy going to his body around his pelvic area from my right hand. His eyes got sleepy and he seemed very calm and serene.

Another surprise, Jordyn was able to stand up, leave the room and retrieve her camera to catch the moment. I thought that he would probably move when she moved, but he didn't move a muscle!

I always tell the animals that they can take as much or as little of the energy that they want and need. So, when he had enough, he very calmly got up and walked away.

Thank you so much Jinx! I feel honored for you to feel comfortable enough to connect with me in this way, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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  1. It was so extraordinary to have Sarah be able to work on him ... He does not sit still for much.. so this was REALLY incredible... it touches my heart so much to know he is able to receive Sarah's great gift and to have him feel better because of it ...