Thursday, July 14, 2011

Connecting with Krishna, Day 1

From time to time I do cat-sitting for my TTouch/Reiki clients, especially in situations where the animal may be afraid of strangers. I was asked to take care of Krishna while his human parents were on their wedding and honeymoon. In the past, he would usually bite the feet of the people who took care of him.

I taken care of him for a day a couple of weeks before that, and it had gone well - I calmed my energy before I entered the apartment, and did Reiki with him to create a calm space.

Today, I did the same thing. I was a bit nervous before I went, so I made sure to calm my own energy before I opened the door. I had a couple of hisses and a meow while I was there, but after a few minutes I felt him start to calm and the space feel calmer. I kept feeling Reiki energy coming out of my hands and out of my pores as I gave him his food, scooped the litter box etc.

He enjoys drinking from the bathtub faucet so I turned on the light in the bathroom and got a thin stream of water going in the bathtub, which is what he enjoys. Then I went and sat off to the side, continuing to send him Reiki. After a few minutes, he went in there on his own to drink the water. I left him alone to do this, then went out in the living room and sat on the floor.

He came out in the living room and sat in a box which he likes, and the sun was coming through the window, making a nice warm patch on the floor. I continued sending him Reiki, and felt him being at ease, grooming himself, etc.

Then he really surprised me - he got up, slowly walked up to me and started sniffing my hand and my arm. I didn't want to startle him so stayed very still. then he went back to the sun patch, stretching and rolling in the sun.

Thank you Krishna, for trusting me, I feel it an honor to connect with you in this way and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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