Friday, October 22, 2010

New Cats at BARC: Animal and Camilla

Animal and Camilla are two more of the sweet kitties who recently came to BARC after their owner passed away. Unfortunately both of them have ongoing digestive issues and the vet thinks they probably have irritable bowel syndrome. They are receiving medication and a special diet to help them, and I have been spending a good deal of time with both these kitties doing TTouch and Reiki to help them feel more comfortable and to help them be as in balance as they can be.

Animal is a very petite tortie girl kitty who is blind in one eye. She was quite shy initially, and still sometimes will pull her head away or run to the back of her cage when you move your hand towards her, but now once you start to touch her, she usually will become comfortable fairly quickly. Now once I start to do some circular TTouches and zigzag TTouches (crossing from one side of the body to the other) on her, she starts to press her body or head into my hand. Very sweet! I have been doing Reiki on her as well. I have felt a great deal of heat in the lower part of her body, so often I will place my hands there. She settles and appears to be comforted by this.

I have also been using a jelly scrubber with her. You can purchase this item cheaply at, or you can get one that is smaller and more comfortable for some cats on the TTouch website (though it is more expensive). I have been using the one from I do a circle then a long stroke with it, and it must feel like it is massaging her body. She leans into it and seems to be quite comforted by it. It must help with her circulation, too, which should be helpful. Her coat has been looking better and better since I gave her a bath and started doing this work on her.

And, though she is still dealing with ongoing digestive issues, she appears generally more comfortable. The work stimulates her appetite as well, which is great.

Camilla (pictured above and below) is a petite little brown tabby. She is just dear. I gave her a bath as well shortly after she arrived, which helped her well-being too. I do Reiki on her sometimes, and she often will press her body into my hands where she wants to be touched, so I go with that, as Reiki will go where it needs to go anyway.

I am also doing TTouch with Camilla. She especially responds to me doing abalone TTouches down each side of her body, and then zigzag TTouches from one side of the body to the other. These seem to connect her body from one end to the other, as well as creating warmth and stimulation. She will usually eat and/or drink some water after being worked on as well. And with Camille as well, even though it is clear she still has ongoing issues, she generally looks as though she is more comfortable in her body than when she first came in.
oh, one more ttouch I have been using with both these petite ladies is the belly lift. Please keep in mind that especially with delicate kitties like these, it is such a subtle movement that hardly any movement is happening at all, just the tiniest pressure upward, barely indenting the skin, then a very slow release. It promotes better digestion and respiration. If you try this on yourself, you will see that it helps your belly to relax and also reminds you to BREATHE.
If you'd like to see some demonstrations of some of these ttouches, please visit my youtube channel
I look forward to working more with these and the other sweet cats at BARC!

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