Monday, October 11, 2010

The Cat Loft at BARC Shelter, Muffin and Princess

Muffin is a lovely kitty youngster at BARC shelter. She and her former cagemate Mittens were extremely shy and did not want to be touched at first. After a lot of socialization by other people at BARC as well as me, both these little ones really came around, and recently Mittens was adopted. Muffin probably misses her cagemate, but she has come around even more after he was adopted. She will now lay on her back for belly rubs, etc. She still will most likely be shy initially when someone adopts her, but I think with a little patience, she will become quite comfortable in a home. I have been doing a lot of TTouch around her mouth area, as well as calming abalone ttouches on her body, and these seem to really be helping her get accustomed to being touched.

Princess is still very wary of people. She is declawed, which may account for some of this. I have been working with her in a very gentle way. If she is not in the mood to be touched, I offer her Reiki from about 7-8 inches away, and she is extremely responsive to this, it makes her feel very relaxed. Sometimes she is ok with me doing small raccoon ttouches on her forehead area. Once in a while I can get a couple of strokes down her body. It just feels like she is ultra-sensitive and ultra-wary of people. I want to be respectful of where she is and just go at the pace she is comfortable with.

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