Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TTouch and Reiki with Stanley

Stanley is quite a character, his name really suits him, he's a quirky and very lovable cat. In the picture above he looks a bit serious, but he truly is a cat with a sense of humor.

He has had some digestive issues lately, so in addition to really paying attention to giving him proper supplements and nutrition, I have been spending time with him doing TTouch and Reiki to make him more comfortable. He also received hydration from my friend Jordyn Thiessen, which was very helpful.

A couple of days ago he had eaten some and been hydrated but he just had an expression and body posture that told me he was down in the dumps. He usually is a talkative and extremely interactive kitty who craves contact and attention. I did some gentle TTouch on him but mostly just held my hands over the bottom part of his body, which is where I was feeling the most heat. He curled up and fell asleep as I did this, and I could feel heat passing from my hands to his body.

The next day, I was so happy to see Stanley back to his normal behaviour, he meowed hello to me and wanted to eat some wet food right away. I am still only giving him a bit of a time to make sure, but he has been doing great for the past two days. He is craving attention again and so now I am focusing more on doing TTouch with him, though Reiki is also flowing through my hands as I do the TTouch on him.

As always, please know that Reiki is not a substitution for veterinary care, but it certainly is lovely to see when it can balance an animal's energy in order to help him recover more quickly. I have had this experience many times, when an animal is not feeling well, and balancing the energy with Reiki can, sometimes by the next day if the animal is ready, make you feel that the animal is over the hump and on its way back to health.

Come on down to Social Tees Animal Rescue if you'd like to meet him and the other wonderful animals we have up for adoption.

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