Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charles and Leo: Continued Story of True Friendship

To me, some of the most meaningful moments that happen in the shelter are the special, pure moments of connection between animals, simple gestures which can be so meaningful and that can touch your heart and teach you so much.

Charles and Leo (Charles, left and Leo, right in the above pic) are inseparable buddies. Charles is a strong, young cat and Leo is a senior kitty who is very frail, yet with such a strong, sweet spirit. They are almost always right next to each other, and show such caring to each other.

Every day these boys wait at my feet for me to give them some wet food, which I do, and this is especially for Leo's benefit We leave out dry food for the cats who are loose in the shelter but Leo really can use the extra nutrition of the wet food.

Charles seems to know this, and, though he really enjoys wet food, he sits off to the side for quite a while, letting Leo eat for a long time before he will go to the food bowl and take any for himself. This is such a sweet, thoughtful gesture which really speaks volumes and touches my heart every time.

We have so much to learn from these creatures, if we would only slow ourselves down and pay attention.

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