Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Milton Goes for a Walk

Hi folks, I had the unusual and delightful experience of taking a savannah monitor lizard for a walk the other day! You see me with him above, I did some TTouch on him as well. I did some connected abalone touches down his back and could feel his back stretch out as I did it.

At the shelter where I volunteer, Social Tees Animal Rescue, Robert Shapiro, the shelter owner, is a wildlife rehabilitator as well as animal rescuer, so we have some interesting reptiles and other animals come thru our shelter. Robert rehabilitates them and then they go to reptile sanctuaries etc.

At any rate, Milton is about the size of a large cat (but, of course, a VERY different shape and texture!). I looped a leash around his neck (next time I will bring rope w/me and do a custom harness). and walked him a bit outside the shop. People (and dogs) were very curious as they walked by, of course! Milton seemed very curious about them as well. We walked a bit, I did TTouch on him a bit, walked a bit more, and so on. We didn't get too far as people kept stopping us and asking questions about what kind of animal he was, etc.

New York City is an incredibly bustling place, which Milton is not too used to, so after a while I felt he was getting nervous from all the attention so I brought him back inside. Robert told me I should carry him like a baby, supporting his hind end with one hand, and then with his head looking over my shoulder.

Doing TTouch on him is an unusual experience because his skin is very thick and tough, so I felt that big abalone touches were what made the most sense. I didn't use a LOT of pressure, just enough to move the skin in a circle.

I look forward to more walks with this guy! he was quite a good sport with what must have been a very unusual experience for him.

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