Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on Buddy

A few days ago I went to visit my friend Jordyn and her animals, especially to work on her dog Buddy, who she is fostering and who we were first told was "paralyzed". When I saw him a couple of weeks ago, Jordyn had had him for just a few days, and within these few days he was walking pretty well with a sling around his hind end. His hind legs were still figuring out what to do and sometimes his feet would flop over so the front of the foot was dragging, but still he was getting along well and had a great attitude about everything.

As you will see in these clips, Buddy is now walking amazingly well on his own without the sling, doesn't flip his feet over any more. He is doing great! He still can use some TTouch etc to help increase awareness in his back end and especially his feet, as he is still stiff there. But he can really move along. Jordyn's concern now is that he tries to go too fast sometimes and then gets out of balance, so I am having her walking him using a step-in harness and a double-ended leash attached to the two side clips of the harness.

I have to credit Jordyn with all the love and care she and her guy John have given Buddy, they are doing an awesome job on him. And Buddy's positive attitude has really helped him to progress as well. After Jordyn and I walked Buddy for a while, I did some TTouch on him back at their apt. I did zigzags going down his back and down his legs and connected abalone touches on his back, some python lifts on his legs, and some raccoon touches all around his feet. I showed Jordyn what I was doing so she can do these touches on him as well. Great job all! I am so grateful that this dog has made such wonderful and quick progress.


  1. Excellent job Sarah. You know dogs with mobility issues are near and dear to my heart. Wonderful way to start the day seeing Buddy walking so nicely!

  2. Thank you too... he is such a love .. we have adopted him and he has been completely embraced by all our other babies.. he is walking so well.. he just always wants to run home :)