Monday, March 29, 2010

Margrit Coates Workshop, and more

Hi everyone, I took a very interesting workshop in Animal Chakra Healing at the Open Center from Margrit Coates, a very powerful healer from the UK. She is an inspiration, and one of the essages which came to me during the class was how strongly I am compelled to do this work (I know that, but it is always good to get a powerful hit of confirmation). It was very intense, and at one point she had us connect with animals past and present, to send them healing energy, and of course in addition to my own dear cat, who came from a tough beginning, I connected to many animals in the shelter who have come to us in very rough condition.

Anyway, a lot of energy and information to process, and the workshop helped me to clear my mind of a lot of extraneous stuff, so that when I went back into the shelter after class, I felt a lot clearer and felt that my energy flow was a lot stronger, and I could really see the animals responding more immediately as well.

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