Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Adoption News: Jimmy Girl, Luke, Theo and others

Hi folks, yesterday was a great adoption day for us at Social Tees Animal Rescue
A couple of my favorite kitties who I have done TTouch on at the shelter were adopted: Jimmy Girl and her pal Luke. These kitties both came to us in October, pretty much completely feral, and little by little I gained their trust. They really came around! Though he may start out shy, Luke is now a very relaxed cat. You can even pick him up with no trouble at all. Jimmy Girl and I became best pals, and she would meow at me when I entered the shelter and run right up to the front of the cage for me to touch her. The two of them would play together all day long.
However, I knew it would take a special person or people to be the right adopters for these two, as especially Jimmy Girl will take some time, calm energy and patience to warm up to a new person.
Yesterday a very sweet couple came into the shelter, looking for two young, playful cats, and they had seen Jimmy Girl and Luke online on our Facebook page. They are accustomed to taking in stray cats, so they seemed to be the perfect adoptive parents for these two, as they will have the patience to let these kitties take the time they need to become comfortable in their new environment. I will miss these kitties a lot, but I am so happy they have a home now, and I wish them well.

Pictured above is Jimmy Girl.
And this is little Luke.

We also adopted some other sweet critters yesterday, including dear Theo, pictured above. Theo is an absolute love. I did an extended TTouch session on him a couple of days ago and he relaxed right down on his side for a nap. Have fun on your new adventures, Theo and others!

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