Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Sad Goodbye to Two Sweet Calicos

Sometimes animals arrive at the shelter in a very weakened condition, and this combined with the emotional stress these animals must feel when they are abandoned can end up with them needing to leave this earth and go wherever these beautiful cat spirits go when they leave the earthly plane. A friend of mine told me she once saw the place where cats' spirits go, and she described it as such a beautiful, heavenly place filled with light.

I used some Reiki on two sweet tiny calicos the past two days who were in very bad shape. They were adult cats but appeared to have been starved into a very tiny size. There was no doubt that I could feel them absorbing the Reiki and that it made them more comfortable. The smaller of the two cats climbed onto my leg and just settled there for the longest time. I could feel heat pulsating from my hands and energy passing back and forth from my hands to the cat's body. I literally felt a shift in the cat where she grew more comfortable and settled right down. The other larger cat was in a weaker state but I could feel a more peaceful vibration from her after doing Reiki on her for quite a time.

Unfortunately, they ended up having to be put to sleep as they had gotten a bad virus on top of being in a very weak and emaciated state, and in the end they were not able to survive. I shed a lot of tears for them when I found this out from the vet today. I felt so much sorrow for them being abandoned by their owners and who knows what else happened to them. But I can take some comfort in thinking that I was able to give them some comfort in the last days of their lives. The animals also received a lot of love from the people in the vet's office and others in the shelter, including my dear friend Jordyn who helped me do subcutaneous hydration on the cats. I spoke to the smaller cat in my mind today. She told me that she is all right now and that her sister was ok too, that they were peaceful now and they thanked me. I thank them for all they taught me as well, and send them so much love.

In doing the work that I do with animals, it feels as though each animal I touch with my hands touches me and a part of them will live forever in my heart.

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