Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Mommy and Kittens get a TTouch Bath

At Social Tees shelter where I voluntter, we take in a lot of animals with one issue or another, the "undercats" and "underdogs" from the kill shelters. Recently we took in a mommy cat and her five kittens who came in with bad ringworm. Of course my favorite was the kitten we are calling "Scrappy", the little fellow pictured above, who has a bad case of ringworm but is quickly getting better.

Here he is surrounded by two of his siblings who are nearly ringwormo-free now, and below is a clip of them. TTouch is really wonderful to incorporate when having to do various procedures with animals, and these cats were really a case in point. The first day they came in, I had to bathe them all in a medicated bath to help clean them and soothe the ringworm. While I was bathing them, I was massaging their ears, doing abalone and clouded leopard touches down their body and legs, which helped to counteract their squiggliness at getting wet. And once we got to the towel-drying, they seemed to enjoy this and began to purr, as I was incorporating touches as I was drying them off.
In the days following the bath, I am coating the spots which still have ringworm with topical anti-fungal cream, so I am doing this as I have a TTouch session with each of them, which they really settle into and they either settle down on my lap or on the table, purring all the while. Little Scrappy still needs the cream over much of his body, but as the application of the cream turns into a TTouch session and massage, he seems to have no complaints!
The mommy cat is a wonderful mommy, so she is very watchful when I handle her darlings, but she seems to know that I am doing something that is ok.
I wish these dear kitties the best, and am sure they will be ringworm-free and adopted very soon.

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